Tap Into The French Expat Community in Singapore

Beeing a French team in Singapore for almost five years, we know how it is to be a French Expat in Singapore.

We have built a first project to serve the french community in 2016 : a directory of french businesses. With almost 2 years of data we perfectly know what they are looking for. And, in the same time, we have discovered how they want to hear about brands.

We experimented many differents strategies, with always an entrepreneur spirit of try and improve. We partnered with many businesses and have been successful in different industries : health, wealth management, food and beverage, education…

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Facebook Live Poll are Trendy, get Yours and Boost your Engagement

Did you notice all the recent Facebook Live Polls ?


Sure you have. Contact us and we will setup one for you.

This service is no longer offered due to recent change of Facebook Policy

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Life is about making an impact, not making an income. –Kevin Kruse

Singapore Frenchy Friendly

We have made Singapore more friendly for the french community in Singapore!

Yes as a foreigner when you reach Singapore you might be a bit lost. Now with “Le Bottin Singapour” french people can find the best services that suit their need.

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